What is the Turning Views Foundation

Turning Views Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nevada nonprofit corporation. The Foundation’s  slogan is Different iz Good .  . Spread the Word.

Go Here if looking for our Gift a Voice Project!

Turning Views Foundation’s mission is to give a voice to those without through our Communication at Your Fingertips Presentation and our Gift a Voice Project. Turning Views vision is a society that values each individual for who they are, not what they can or can’t do, not what they can or can’t say, not how they look or don’t look. Through the Foundation’s Gift a Voice project we assist with meeting the basic human need of communication by providing Speech Generating Devices (SGD) in the form of an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with an AAC Application and needed accessories to those with communication disabilities.  Our slogan is Different iz Good . . . Spread the Word!

Turning Views educates family members of affected individuals and affected individuals themselves on using technology, Social Networking and the web as a communication toolTurning Views advocates for special needs children, teens and disabled adults by spreading the message that different is good by using our slogan of “Different iz Good . . . Spread the Word” in our campaigns.

Turning Views addresses the problem of the gap between what medicare and private insurance companies do not cover in regards to Assistive Technology devices.  According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 7.5 million people in the United States have trouble using their voices for one reason or another.  This includes people who are nonverbal, speech impaired, autistic, hearing impaired or who have dysarthria, apraxia, aphesia due to chromosome abnormalities, MS, stroke, CP, brain injury and many other conditions.

Different iz Good and the Turning Views Foundation collects inactive/used cell phones, smart phones and especially iPhones (and iPod Touches). The Foundation will use the iPhones and iPods for the Gift a Voice Project.  All others are traded in towards usable devices.

Host a Cell Phones for Voices Donation Drive – It’s easy and no cost to you or your organization!

If you are local to Reno, Nevada you can drop off your devices at Mac-O-Rama, 4690 Longley Lane, Reno or Disability Resources/New2U Computers, 50 E. Greg St in Sparks or March of Dimes, 1000 Bible Way, Suite 43, Reno.

The Turning Views Foundation and the Different iz Good™ movement were founded by Camilla Downs. Camilla is Mom to Lillian Darnell, 10 yrs old, and Thomas Darnell, 6 yrs old. Lillian has a Chromosome 18 abnormality called 18p-. The main way in which this manifests is that Lillian is speech impaired (she’s about 90% unintelligible). Lillian uses an iPhone with an AAC Application called Proloquo2Go to speak. Camilla is a Special Needs Life Coach assisting families of children and adults with special needs or intellectual disabilities.  As a Special Needs Life Coach she inspires families and individuals with special needs to SOAR . . . By Providing and Defining Solutions,Opportunities, Abilities and Resources. Camilla works with families to create and facilitate aCircle of Support for the family member with special needs and create a Life Quality Plan using person centered planning . . . a blueprint for the journey.

One additional major aspect of the Turning Views Foundation is to educate how technology combined with Social Networking sites improves quality of life for special needs children and adults ~ especially nonverbal and those with communication disabilites. The way in which we communicate and conduct business has fundamentally shifted and changed forever. The World has shifted in such a way to include the speech impaired like they have NEVER been included before. We are no longer solely communicating with our mouths and voices. A large portion of the population is communicating using technology and social networking sites. The non verbal and speech impaired community are now able to be a part of the conversation like NEVER before. Their community and those they can engage with, socialize with and conduct business with has grown exponentially. A second phase to our mission is to facilitate the making of entrepreneurs of those special needs children, teens and young adults who choose to pursue this exciting venture.

Turning Views Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nevada nonprofit corporation. Go here for information regarding the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

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